Buying a home is exciting for everyone, but investing in a custom home makes it even more so. At WeldenField & Rowe, we want each of our clients to feel that their home is unique and built especially for them. We are a full-service custom home design company. Each of our employees has plenty of experience in the custom home building process. If you live in Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Chesapeake, or any of our other service locations and are considering a custom home, let WeldenField & Rowe help you make the right decision.


Why Choose a Custom Home?

Investing in a custom home might seem intimidating. You may wonder how much control you’ll actually have over the design, whether certain features will mesh with your lifestyle, or how expensive the home will be. At WeldenField & Rowe, our team members know the advantages of custom homes and want to answer these and any other questions you may have. 

It’s Personal

How much control will I actually have over the design? -  One of the best reasons to invest in one of our custom homes is our attention to detail. Each home we build is personal and takes into account every single one of your preferences. Our preconstruction custom home design process guarantees you will love the designs we come up with before we start digging one inch of the foundation.

Every client is different, and we design homes to fit their personalities, interests, and particular needs. Our home gallery includes everything from large brick homes with pristine columns to homes with wraparound porches, wrought iron railings, and plenty of room for a garden. No matter what your family size, lifestyle, landscaping preferences, or interior design ideas, we have the perfect home for you.

It Fits Your Needs

Will certain features mesh with my lifestyle? -  Custom-built homes automatically bring to mind the fun of choosing features like wraparound porches, stone fireplaces, Jacuzzis, and balconies. While these are a huge part of a custom home’s draw, our clients know their homes must fit their needs, too. Weldenfield & Rowe’s preconstruction custom home design allows us to address each of these needs before and during the building process.

kitchen-virginiaFor example, let’s say one of your family members has a physical disability that makes climbing stairs or getting in and out of bathtubs difficult. Our team will partner with you on an accessible home construction project. This can include walk-in showers and tubs, grab bars for the bathrooms, and minimal stairs with secure handrails. In addition, we can help make your yard accessible, eliminating rocks, holes, and other pitfalls before and during the building process.

You might not have a disabled family member, but perhaps you have a college student or an elderly relative living with you who needs some privacy. The WeldenField & Rowe team can give that family member a home within a home. We’ll customize your house to include a mother-in-law suite or a set of rooms that mimics an efficiency apartment. Your project can include separate entrances and exits to give your family member the freedom to come and go as needed.

It’s Less Expensive in the Long Run

Is building a custom home affordable? -  WeldenField & Rowe uses premium materials on each of our custom homes. While these materials are initially expensive, they are more sustainable than the ones you might find at a hardware store or at the average construction site. The environmental friendliness of our materials will save you money in the long term, and keep your home as healthy and green as possible.

With WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes, home construction will be easy, reasonably priced, and enjoyable.

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