Here at Weldenfield and Rowe, we love building places where communities can grow and flourish. When it comes to our community, Riverview at the Preserve, being part of a very special neighborhood is why many of our homeowners decided to settle there. Community living has so many benefits!

Neighborhood Amenities

Living in a neighborhood like Riverview means access to lots of neighborhood amenities. We at Weldenfield & Rowe have built creative and thoughtful touches into the design of the community areas, as well as the individual residences. From the handsome landscape design, to the lovely aspect of the waterside pavilion framed against the water, we've tried to make the community at large just as beautiful and well thought out as the homes. We designed the community to take advantage of the beautiful waterfront, whether that means the view, the cool breeze off the water, or the leisure opportunities on the river.

The Waterside Pavilion

The waterside pavilion is one of our favorite community amenities. The pavilion stretches out over the water and is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset. You can fish from the pavilion platform, or relax in a chair with a book. With plenty of seating and a spacious screened in area, it’s perfect for a party, a weekend picnic, or just sharing a glass of wine with your neighbors.

Community Pier and Water Access

Next to the pavilion are the boat docks and community pier. Some of our single-family homes have private piers, but with our community docks, all of our residents can take advantage of the boating opportunities on the Elizabeth River. Close to the water we also have our canoe and kayak rack – so say goodbye to lugging a heavy canoe from the car or even your home. What could be easier than storing them at the waterfront? You can be out on the water that much faster.

The community was designed so that all of the residents could have access to the river and the Intracoastal Waterway. Whether that means taking a lap around on a kayak, boating down to one of Chesapeake’s riverside restaurants, or sailing all the way to North Carolina (a surprisingly short trip by boat on the Intracoastal Waterway), it’s open to residents of Riverview.

Ease and Security

Riverview is a gated community settled in a wooded, waterfront area. Safety, privacy, and the quiet that comes from living away from busy roads are all benefits of living in the Riverview neighborhood. The staff maintains the community areas for you, and residents are offered support with external maintenance.

Whether it’s a bright, breezy morning, or the deepening dark of twilight, you can explore the neighborhood in safety. You’ll love walking along the wooded drive and landscaped stone paths, always secure knowing you’re in a neighborhood full of friends. Maybe you can help a turtle get across the road, and stop at one of the outdoor benches to listen to the birds sing. Don’t forget to see if you can spot some of the local families of deer!

Friendship and Fun

Life is better lived with friends. Riverview at the Preserve is building a beautiful and exciting neighborhood, and we’re already seeing friendship blossom in the community. The Riverview homeowners rave about what a friendly and welcoming group they’ve found here. When you ask them about Riverview, one of the first things they talk about is how wonderful the people are.

“This is such a caring community, and so warm and friendly.” – Jeanie Wright Phillips

At Riverview, neighbors like to kayak together, go on walks, and just spend time together. How much sweeter it is to enjoy the beautiful waterfront with your neighbors and friends!

 “I love my neighbors, and I love the neighborhood – I just love everything about it.” – Audrey A. Clifford

In this community, families can forge friendships that last a lifetime. For more about how much homeowners love Riverview - watch this video, and hear it from them!