Tis the season for Christmas decorations! Friends, relatives, and colleagues galore will be visiting your house this holiday, which means you get to showcase the fabulous interior design of your home.  As a custom home builder with a home design team, we know all too well how exciting holiday decorating can be. 

nice-decorationsThere’s something about decorating during the holidays that makes this the best time of year. Maybe it's knowing you'll have the whole family under one roof; Maybe it's getting to order your husband around while he hangs the Christmas lights, or using a red and green color combo without fear of being judged. If you live in any of the areas serviced by WeldenField and Rowe Custom Homes, such as Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Chesapeake, perhaps it’s the weekly Christmas events that always seem to inspire local residents.

Whatever it IS that makes Christmas the best time of the year, we can all agree that it isn't the clutter. Between gift-wrap supplies and that little town of Bethlehem display, there's never enough space for holiday decorations. And, just like the in-laws occupying your guest room, holiday decorations can be difficult to contain without a game plan. That's why we've channeled our inner Cindy Lou Who to bring you - 5 Golden Rules For A Clutter-Free Christmas.

Rule #1: Say No To Stockpiling

Note to self: If you have to rent a storage unit to house your Christmas decor, you've got too much.

There's nothing wrong with adding new pieces to your holiday spread, so long as you have a place for them. Limit your storage to a fixed amount, such as one or two containers, for each holiday season. Before you hit up Hobby Lobby, assess your current inventory. If the items you already have start to exceed the storage container, reevaluate what you have and try to get rid of a few things to make room for the new decorations.

Rule #2: Love It Or Let It Go

Only put out stuff you love, not things you think you should love. Nostalgia has a way of blurring the lines between what looks good now and what looked good then. Avoid using a tacky or outdated decoration by asking yourself if the item is something you'd actually purchase today. If the answer’s no, then let it go!

Exceptions: If you think cousin Becky will be looking for the Diet Coke bauble she gave you last year, just hang it on the part of your tree that faces the wall. No need to be a Grinch.


Rule #3: Less Really Is More

Sing it with me! All you need is less... less is all you need.

Before you transform your foyer into the North Pole, remember this rule. Seasonal decor should complement your home's design, not overshadow it. We get it, it's hard to fight the urge to go nuts on decorations, especially when stores like Pier One are on a mission to make you find what speaks to you rethink your entire design scheme. "Did that penguinjust giggle? OMG, I am definitely doing penguins this year".

Try to use fewer, more significant decorations and spread them around the house strategically. A great tip is to use one display or decoration for each surface (coffee table, bookshelf, mantle). Choose items with bright pops of color that draw the eye into the space without overwhelming it. 

Rule #4: Use It Or Lose It

This rule can really be applied to most of the household items in the garage or attic, and it goes hand-in-hand with Rule #3. Consider setting some restrictions for yourself and your family members, such as, “If it makes it into storage, it has to get displayed every year". If you decide not to put out certain decorations one year, do you really think you're going to next year? Because trust us, if you can survive two Christmases without that Santa Claus toilet cover, you aren't going to miss it. A great alternative would be to put these decorations in a donation box and drop them off at the nearest Salvation Army.

Rule #5: Store With Your Future Self In Mind

The best gift you can give yourself next Christmas is a neatly organized box of your holiday decorations. Keep Christmas lights wound tightly, label boxes, and organize tree ornaments by color, theme or type. Get rid of anything that can be replaced for cheap, and don't hang onto broken or damaged items. 



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